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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

9th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

Chemical Species Tomography from Spectral Optical Attenuation Data

N. Polydorides1* and H. McCann1

1 School of Engineering, Institute for Digital Communications, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK



We introduce a novel approach that casts a linear inverse problem for species concentration tomography from spectral data such as those acquired in wavelength modulation spectroscopy or direct absorption spectroscopy. Under isobaric measurement conditions and known plume temperature, our technique leads to a linear well-posed estimation problem for an extended data set derived from the direct absorption spectroscopy measurements. This allows imaging the concentration with enhanced noise robustness and spatial resolution that is significantly higher compared to previous methods for the same number of optical paths. We demonstrate the performance of our approach through proof-of-concept simulation for a carbon dioxide tomographic measurement.

Keywords Carbon dioxide concentration, chemical species tomography, linear attenuation.

Industrial Application Tomography of gases, emissions.

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