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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

8th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

Application of slit-projection technique for high-resolution X-ray backscatter scanning of the composite dense objects

Andrii Sofiienko 1*, Geir Anton Johansen 2, David M. Ponce 3, Marie Holstad 4 1 University of Bergen, Allegaten 55, PO Box 7803, 5020 Bergen, Norway

2 Bergen University College, Inndalsveien 28, PO Box 7030, 5020 Bergen, Norway

3 Visuray AS, Strandbakken 10, 4070 Randaberg, Norway

4 Christian Michelsen Research AS, Fantoftvegen 38, NO-5892 Bergen, Norway



This work presents an investigation of the X-ray backscatter response of a thick layered media using a multipixel imaging CdTe detector with a slit collimator and COMET MXR-451 X-ray tube operated in a wide range of accelerating potentials from 200 kVp to 450 kVp. We demonstrate that it is possible to characterise the internal structure of the studied sample at depths of up to 70 mm. It was found that the detector aperture that forms through the collimation slit influences significantly the X-ray backscatter response from the sample layers situated at a depth of 16 mm and deeper.

Keywords X-ray, backscattering, scanning, imaging

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