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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

8th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

Development of Micro Electrical Impedance Tomography System for Cell Distribution Visualization in Electrode-multilayered Microchannel

J. Yao1, H. Obara2, M. Sugawara1, M. Takei1

1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chiba University, Chiba, 263-0022, Japan

2Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, 192-0397, Japan


A Micro Electrical Impedance Tomography (μEIT) system is developed for cell distribution visualization in an electrode-multilayered microchannel with diamond cross-section. Simulation and experiments are conducted to evaluate the developed μEIT system. In the simulation, 4 kinds of phantoms of cell/liquid two-phase flow are established, 3 image reconstruction algorithms which are Iterative Tikhonov Regularization (TK), Landweber Iteration (LW) and Projected Landweber Iteration (PLW) are employed to solve the ill-posed inverse problem. PLW was found to be the optimum algorithm for image reconstruction in the present study. In the experiment, yeast cells and purified water are employed as two-phase flow to measure the cell distribution in the microchannel. Alternate Current (AC) with a range of frequencies from 500 KHz to 2 MHz are applied to the electrodes in the microchannel to find the optimum frequency for the μEIT system. Images of cell distribution are reconstructed with PLW in three cross-sections of the multilayered microchannel. The reconstructed images show that cells sediment at the bottom of the microchannel, which are explained with the quantitative results in the previous study. The simulation and experimental results demonstrate that the developed μEIT system can realize the cell distribution visualization successfully in the electrode- multilayered microchannel. The present study provides a novel μEIT approach for cell distribution visualization in biomedical applications.

Keywords Cell/liquid two-phase flow, image reconstruction, micro electrical impedance tomography, microchannel.

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