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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

7th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

Status of Geiger-Müller counters for tomographic multiphase flow measurements

I. Merica,b, G. A. Johansena,b, M. B. Holstadb, O. Vaglec, Ø. Olsena, R. P.


aDepartment of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway

bThe Michelsen Centre for Industrial Measurement Science and Technology, Christian Michelsen Research, Bergen, Norway

cTarget Intervention AS, Stavanger, Norway

dCenter for Engineering Applications of Radioisotopes, Nuclear Engineering Department, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA


The Geiger-Müller (GM) counter is nearly a century old. The GM counters are relatively frequently utilized in various industrial radiation gauges. The application areas of GM counters could be further extended to cover high speed tomographic single-, two- or three-phase flow measurements provided that the intrinsically high dead-time and limited count-rate capability of GM counters as well as low gamma-ray detection efficiencies. In this work, the most recent research carried out at the University of Bergen (UoB) on improving these properties of GM counters is described and the respective results are presented and discussed.

Keywords: Geiger-Müller counter, Stopping efficiency, Monte Carlo simulations, Gamma-ray tomography, Gamma-ray densitometry

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