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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

1st World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

Multipath Flowrate Measurements of Symmetric and Asymmetric Flows

M. Rychagov 1, S.Tereshchenko 1, B. Dean 2 and L. Lynnworth 2

1 Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering (MIET), Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Moscow 103498 Zelenograd, Russia

2 Panametrics, Inc., 221 Crescent Street, Waltham MA 02154-3497 USA

Abstract - The technique of ultrasonic flowrate measurements by multipath flow- cells is presented and analized. It is shown that accuracy of quadrature integration as a basic tool for data processing in ultrasonic multipath spoolpieces abruptly deteriorates in the presence of flow asymmetry. To obtain metrological effective- ness of the multipath flowcells for the case of disturbed flows, full characterization and reconstruction of the flow velocity profile in each point of some cross-section of the transport channel is necessary. As a first stage, an implementation of Abel's transform is suggested.

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