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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

1st World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

Application of Gamma Camera Imaging and SPECT Systems in Chemical Processes

Apostolos Kantzas1,2, Kelly Hamilton1,2, Taghi Zarabi1, Amit Bhargava1, Ian Wright1, Glen Brook1 and Jinwen Chen1,2

1 Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


2 Tomographic Imaging and Porous Media Laboratory, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Abstract - SPECT imaging systems are used in nuclear medicine for diagnostic imaging of heart, brain, lung and other organ functions. Radio-pharmaceuticals are injected in the blood stream of a patient. The propagation of the radio- pharmaceutical is monitored as a function of position and time using a gamma camera. In many tests, the monitoring occurs in real time. This technique has been extended for use in chemical process monitoring in our laboratory. In particular, a Siemens gamma camera with SPECT capabilities is routinely used for real time tracer studies, radioactive particle tracking and SPECT imaging. The same radio-pharmaceuticals used in medical testing are used for process monitoring. The system has been used in determining hydrodynamic properties of gas/solid and liquid/solid fluidized beds and in visualizing and monitoring of multi- phase flow phenomena in porous media.

Keywords : Gamma-camera, SPECT Imaging, Chemical Processes, Flow Imaging

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