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Iguassu Falls

8th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

26 - 29 September 2016

Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention, Iguassu Falls, Brazil


The WCIPT8 will be held at the Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention Center, a fine hotel at 20 km from Iguassu Falls and at 7 km from the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam. The Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention Center offers 18,015m² of modern multifunctional, and flexible space, divided into four complexes that is subdivided into 31 ambients and another 17 support rooms for greeting and meeting the needs of each event.

Rafain Palace Hotel

Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention Center, Iguassu Falls, Brazil

Address: Av. Olímpio Rafagnin, 2357 - Parque Imperatriz, Foz do Iguaçu - PR,   CEP: 85862-210

Phone: 55-45-3520-9494


Visa Information

If you need an Invitation Letter from the Organizing Committee for your visa application, please write to, with subject: "Invitation Letter".

The Brazilian visa system operates under a strict reciprocity policy. Visas are granted by the Brazilian consulates abroad, please search for the one at your country to confirm the needs and the way to obtain it.

Visa is not required for citizens from Mercosur countries, just a valid passport or identity. For more information regarding the preferred form of identification, visitors should consult the airline company.

In order to access information about the Brazilian consulate in your country, please refer to:

For more information about the country, for foreign visitors see:

Foz de Iguassu

Foz do Iguassu is a prime location because it is in the tri-national border Region. It is situated at the borders of Brazil, Argentine and Paraguay and has been nominated to host the WCIPT8.

Foz do Iguassu is the location of one of the seven wonders of nature, the Iguassu Falls and because it is the second most visited place in Brazil by most foreign visitors, there are regular daily flights connecting the main Brazilian entrance airports to Foz do Iguassu, for those coming from abroad.

Flight links

Foz do Iguassu city, Brazil, it is known for its natural wonders including the famous Iguassu Falls in the Iguaçu National Park, a Unesco Worlds Heritage site. The Iguassu Falls are composed of about 275 falls of different sizes, over 2.7 km. A footbridge takes the visitors for a close view of the highest one, The Devil’s Throat, which is 97 m high, where the falling water gives the illusion of magic rainbows.  Boat and helicopter rides are, also, available.

Additionally, a visit to the Iguaçu National Park may include ecological trails, bus and bike tours, in which the visitor can see local animals and plants. The National Park is full of the exotic subtropical vegetation which surrounds the falls and has 2,000 plant species - gigantic trees, ferns, lianas, orchids, - 400 bird species - parrots, hummingbirds, toucans - jaguars and yacarés (caimans). Also, Foz do Iguaçu is home to the Itaipu Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric plant in power generation.

The city of Foz do Iguaçu is easily reached in about 1 hour-trip by plane from the International Airports of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the main hubs in the Brazilian flights network. Thus, connections are available to the main cities of the world. Additionally, the location of Foz do Iguaçu city, near the Brazil-Argentina border and close to Chile and Uruguay, favours the integration with Latin American countries.

Links from Foz de Iguassu Convention Bureau with detail on the Foz do Iguassu Atractions: