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ISIPT 10th World Congress


Scope of the Congress

The Global Virtual format of our 10th World Congress enables minimal-cost registration providing  widest access to its themes of novel foundational science, advances in technology and pioneering industrial applications in Industrial Process Tomography (IPT). The Congress attracts world leading research teams and industrial users who benefit from IPT technology.  Meetings in person are valuable but incur major venue costs; ISIPT as a not for profit organisation can offer minimal fees for essential virtual organisation and website publication costs. The Congress is the primary biennial meeting for ISIPT members, but welcomes all.  Simply visit the Registration link to register your attendance.

Registered delegates may optionally submit a 2-page Abstract for an oral or poster presentation on novel themes detailed in the Call for Papers link above. Visit the Programme link for information on presentation sessions including guidance on preparation.  A Schedule with Abstracts will be provided to delegates. Abstracts may optionally be extended to 6-page Congress Papers for the internationally indexed ISIPT World Congress Proceedings, which will later be accessible to Delegates. Visit the Publications link for details, including papers for Special Editions of partner international journals. 

The Congress primarily aims to support the ISIPT mission, described and illustrated on the ISIPT website:, which also provides open access to all previous World Congress Publications.  The 10th World Congress continues from previous successful events: UK (1999), Germany (2001), Canada (2003), Japan (2005), Norway (2007), China (2010), Poland (2013), Brazil (2016), and UK (2018).  Our 10th World Congress meeting was scheduled for 2020 in Tianjin, China; but due to the pandemic was postponed to 2021; and because of ongoing uncertainty is now a Global Virtual event.  Future events are now planned to take place in Tianjin (2023) and Mexico City (2025).

Please plan to attend and share major new IPT Research and Applications at WC-IPT-10.

Acknowledgements: WC-IPT Congresses are ISIPT events.  The ISIPT is most grateful to members of the ISIPT Scientific Advisory Panel, for their major oversight contribution for scientific quality of our Congress proceedings; to the University of Leeds, UK, for ongoing support to the ISIPT and to WC-IPT-10, and finally to our Webmaster at Aggelia.